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Angela, also known as Angel, was a female Mithra who served as a member of the Rangers of the Prime Directive during the war between the Eagle Alliance and the Dragon Alliance.[1]

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Angel was a Mithra from the Gaia system who worked as a hacker and engineer for the Rangers of the Prime Directive.

During the war with the Dragon Alliance, Angel was assigned to Earth Colony 187 along with the rest of her squad. She introduced herself to Treav and Lucas Wells, who were the newest Rangers recruits. She and fellow Ranger Keme showed Lucas and Treav to their quarters.[2]

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Angel was very conscious of other people's perception of her, as evidenced when she accused Lucas Wells of being a pervert and looking at her breasts.[3]

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She had short, unkempt brown hair, green eyes, feline ears, and a tail, which she kept a red bow tied around.[4]

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