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  Ahab was a fictional character from Moby-Dick.

When Jean-Luc Picard heard one of Grand Nagus Donald Trump's press conferences, he went on a frenzy, going so far as to beat several of his officers with Data's arm. Data then offered him a Snickers bar, telling him that he became like Captain Ahab when he was hungry.[1][a]

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  1. This is a double entendre. First, it's a reference to Snickers commercials, in which someone starts out with a rough attitude until someone else offers them a Snickers bar and they become much more amenable. Second, in Star Trek: First Contact, Lily Sloane accused Picard of acting like Captain Ahab when he refused to sacrifice the USS Enterprise-E to the Borg and instead sought revenge.
  1. Sexy Trek – "Killary" (Teaser)

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