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28 January is the 28th day of January on the Earth calendar.

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2409 (83164.0 - 83165.2)
The IKS Chot leads an unprovoked attack on the USS Leviathan, and the Leviathan's captain, Masc Taggart, is taken hostage in the process. Leviathan senior officers Henry Fuller, Koja Nara, Marvolo Piers, Mars Lionel, and Travis Murray are killed during the attack.[1]
The Borg invade the Vega colony but are repelled by the Federation's fleet, as well as Jason Fredricks and a small team on the planet below. Crista Vlædos, Rhet Dioni, and Gregory Yates are among the casualties of the battle above Vega.[2]
2409, Multiverse timeline
Ensigns Simon Smith, Solarmetric, Tu'Cul, and Joshua Chapman are present during the Vega IX attack and are given field promotions to captain.
Captain Ronald Cameron of the USS Gotengo-F is killed in action. Simon Smith becomes acting captain.[citation needed]

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TNG: "The Wounded" airs.
ENT: "Babel One" airs.
TSLW: "Beware the Golden Dragon" is published on FanFiction.
DSC: "What's Past Is Prologue" airs.

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