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2416 was the 16th year of the 25th century and the 7th year of the 2410s decade.

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1 January, Multiverse timeline
The Alpha Quadrant Alliance falls under the mind control of Commodore Naomi Smith of the Terran Empire and builds Plan B.[citation needed]
29 May, Multiverse timeline
Plan B is destroyed, and Commodore Naomi Smith is defeated by the joint alliance of the Reformed Terran Empire, Interspecies Republic, H.O.M.E. Fleet, and the Delta Alliance. The Alpha Quadrant Alliance is freed. It is discovered that Grand Admiral Kendra Rodgers is an Iconian named L'Tema.[citation needed]
15 October, Multiverse timeline
The new USS Gotengo launches and begins a 10-year LMC Expedition to the Large Magellanic Cloud.[citation needed]
The LMC Alliance is formed.[citation needed]

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