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2404 was the 4th year of the 25th century and the 5th year of the 2400s decade.


22 April (78785.5)
Lenerea Mendel graduates from the Leran Manev School of Linguistics.[1]
12 May (78835.6)
Jason Fredricks graduates from Chaparral High School.[2]
13 May (78838.1)
Lucas Wells graduates from Silver State Charter School.[3]
20 May (78856.1)
Ernie Hauser graduates from Tycho City Secondary School.[4]
Unspecified date
Chancellor J'mpok announces that he is invoking claims on multiple sectors bordering Klingon space, and he gives Federation citizens in those sectors a three-month ultimatum to evacuate.[5]
Tala Jones graduates from a private high school.[6]
Unspecified date, Multiverse timeline
The Terran-Alliance War ends.[citation needed]


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