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2387 was the 87th year of the 24th century and the 8th year of the 2380s decade.


Unspecified date
The Romulan Senate learns of a star going supernova that poses a threat to the entire galaxy. They task Ambassador Spock to pilot a specialized ship, equipped with red matter, with the intent to engulf the supernova by creating an artificial black hole.
The supernova reaches Romulus and Remus, destroying both planets.
Spock launches red matter into the supernova, creating the artificial black hole and neutralizing the star. The resulting black hole consumes his ship along with the nearby Romulan mining vessel Narada commanded by Nero.[citation needed]
Sora is put on an evacuation ship leaving Romulus shortly before the planet is destroyed. Many men, including her father, are left behind due to lack of room on the ships.[1]
Unspecified date, Alternate timeline
The USS Enterprise-E is sent to give aid to the Romulans who've survived the destruction of their homeworld, Romulus.[a]


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