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2385 was the 85th year of the 24th century and the 6th year of the 2380s decade.

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7 May (61375.3)
Koja Nara is born on Bajor.[citation needed]
2 November
Serov is born on Vulcan.[citation needed]
1 December (61899.2)
Ernie Hauser is born in Tycho City, Luna.[1][2]
28 December (61966.5)
Lucas Wells is born in Carson City, Nevada, Earth.[3]

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  1. Star Trek: Federation Legacy – "The Ultimate Klingon" (Act I), Ernie is two months away from his 13th birthday.
  2. Personnel Files (No. 5), Ernie's birthdate and birthplace are revealed.
  3. Personnel Files (No. 2), Lucas' birthdate and birthplace are revealed.

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