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The 2380s was the 9th decade of the 24th century. It spanned the years 2380 to 2389.

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A short-lived coup d'état by a group of Remans in the Romulan Star Empire is halted by the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.[1]
Shinzon dies on the Scimitar.[1]
William T. Riker and Deanna Troi are assigned to the USS Titan.[2]
Martin Madden is assigned to the Enterprise.[2]
The last major conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective until 2409. The Federation begins developing better weapon modulation algorithms to combat the Borg.[3]
2381, Multiverse timeline
Naomi Smith and her mirror universe counterpart are born.[citation needed]
2384, Alternate timeline
John Benson takes command of the USS Enterprise-E.[a]
Koja Nara is born.[citation needed]
Serov is born.[citation needed]
Ernie Hauser is born in Tycho City, Luna.[4][5]
Lucas Wells is born in Carson City, Nevada, Earth.[6]
Jhael Onika is born.[citation needed]
Jason Fredricks is born in Winchester, Nevada, Earth.[7]
Tala Jones is born in Laikan, Andoria.[8]
Lenerea Mendel is born on the USS Aventine.[9]
Dylyp Azeli is born in Harbortown, Andoria.[10]
Charlie Morgan is born.[citation needed]
Daniel Harvey is born.[citation needed]
Elisa Flores is born.[citation needed]
Hannah Freeman is born.[citation needed]
Raltha Trebor is born.[citation needed]
Jeff Philips is born.[citation needed]
Vance L'eher is born.[citation needed]
The primary star of the Hobus system goes supernova, causing widespread destruction in nearby star systems, including the Romulan system.[citation needed]
Spock is presumed killed after creating an artificial black hole with a red matter device to neutralize the Hobus supernova.[citation needed]
2387, Alternate timeline
The Enterprise lends aid to Romulan survivors of the recent destruction of their homeworld, Romulus.[a]
Nara Mendel is born.[9]
2389, Alternate timeline
John Benson dies.[a]

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