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The 2360s was the 7th decade of the 24th century. It spanned the years 2360 to 2369.

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23602361 • 2362 • 2363236423652366 • 2367 • 23682369

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Nicholas Wells is born.[citation needed]
2360, Multiverse timeline
Aligatis is born.[citation needed]
David Hauser is born.[1]
2363, Alternate timeline
John Benson graduates from Starfleet Academy.[a]
John Gibson is assigned to the USS Galaxy.[a]
Kardok is born.[2]
2365, Alternate timeline
John Benson is assigned to the USS Galaxy.[a]
2366, Alternate timeline
Ava Benson is born.[a]
Starfleet's first and only encounter with the Devidians until 2409.[3]
2368, Alternate timeline
Tammy Gibson dies.[a]
Kalara is born.[4]

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