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You broke your little ships...
Your little ships
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    • The USS Pegasus is presumed destroyed after an apparent warp core breach. The ship had been a testbed for a new phasing cloaking device developed by Starfleet Intelligence, and the ship's crew had mutinied in protest against the creation of such a device. In fact, the ship, still in a phased state, drifts through space eventually dephasing inside an asteroid in the Devolin system. Following the Judge Advocate General's inquiry into the incident, William T. Riker is assigned to Betazed.[1]
    • Harry Kim joins his parents, John and Mary, on a humanitarian mission to a colony that has just suffered from a radiation disaster. While there, the Kims visit a hospital, and Harry wanders off by himself to an area where he isn't supposed to be. In this area, he sees many sick and dying, including a little girl on an operating table. As he watches, the doctor calls for a scalpel, and the little girl looks at Harry, her face filled with fear.[2]
    • In the Delta Quadrant, the "Think Tank" group recruits an unnamed person into their number. They will not attempt to do so again until 2375, when they extend the offer to Seven of Nine.[3]
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