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2270 was the 70th year of the 23rd century and the 1st year of the 2270s decade.

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B'vat travels back from 2409 with Miral Paris, intending to use her to cure the remnants of the Klingon augment virus, as well as to help his younger self wage war with the Federation. The USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' follow him back to prevent permanent damage to the timeline. Kardok duels B'vat, killing him. After destroying the IKS Worvig, the time travelers return to 2409 with Miral.
While in the past, the USS Leviathan's crew has a brief encounter with the USS Enterprise and a conversation with Spock. Though they do not reveal who they really are, he deduces that they are from the future. Knowing that further contact could damage the timeline, he bids them farewell.[1]

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