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2013 was the 13th year of the 21st century and the 4th year of the 2010s decade.

Events[edit | edit source]

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Real world[edit | edit source]

May[edit | edit source]

16 May
Star Trek Into Darkness is released.

June[edit | edit source]

ca. June
FED: "The Price of Liberty" is written.
11 June
FED: "Khitomer Crisis" is published on – story premiere.
17 June
FED: "The Price of Liberty" is published on FanFiction.

July[edit | edit source]

? July
FED: "Stranded in Space" is written.

August[edit | edit source]

1 August
FED: "Stranded in Space" is published on FanFiction.
? August
FED: "Diplomatic Orders" is written.

September[edit | edit source]

4 September
FED: "Diplomatic Orders" is published on FanFiction.
? September
Writing begins on FED: "Hide and Seek".

October[edit | edit source]

? October
Writing concludes on FED: "Hide and Seek".
14 October
FED: "Hide and Seek" is published on FanFiction.
? October
Writing begins on FED: "Stop the Signal".
31 October
Federation Legacy Wiki is created by CaptFredricks.[1]

November[edit | edit source]

? November
Writing concludes on FED: "Stop the Signal".
6 November
FED: "Stop the Signal" is published on FanFiction.
? November
Writing begins on FED: "Researcher Rescue".

December[edit | edit source]

? December
Writing concludes on FED: "Researcher Rescue".
8 December
FED: "Researcher Rescue" is published on FanFiction.
? December
FED: "Khitomer Crisis" is completely rewritten. It is renamed "The Price of Liberty".
FED: "The Price of Liberty" is completely rewritten. It is renamed "Line in the Sand".

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